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Timber or Aluminium Screens and Gates?

A natural wooden fence looks beautiful when it’s first installed. But when you buy natural timber, you’re consigning yourself to years of ongoing care and maintenance. Plus, timber is a favourite food for pesky termites. The good news is, now you can have the best of both worlds.  Beautiful “timber look” aluminium screens and gates, that are so durable, they’ll keep their good looks longer.

Style and substance

Wood grain aluminium fencing screens are popular with many home owners because they offer a timeless look that compliments many styles of architecture. If, however, your style demands a sleek more contemporary look, our range includes powder coated aluminium screens and gates in black, silver, pearl or cream. Providing astute home owners with a variety of styles, and the same durability and protection that aluminium offers.

Why choose aluminium

Climate – Perth’s Mediterranean climate means our weather is pretty much as good as it gets most of the time. But we do have monstrous winter storms, occasional hail, heavy crosswinds and damaging UV sun rays all year round. This is why choosing aluminium fence screens and gates makes such good sense. Aluminium fencing combined with aluminium fittings really is tougher than teak!

Durable – Aluminium is naturally rust-proof and the aluminium fittings used to install the fence are also resistant to rust. What this means in practical terms is whatever Mother Nature throws at it, once a structure is up, it requires no weather-related repairs.

Security – we build fences for three reasons… to keep our family and possessions safe, privacy, and to keep the bad guys out. Over time timber fencing deteriorates making fencing panels easier to remove or break. A properly installed aluminium screen fencing is intrinsically strong.  Breaking through it requires power tools and lots of noise.  As most burglaries are opportunist, it’s most likely that the bad guys will pick an easier target.

Environment – of course it takes energy and resources to manufacture an aluminium fence screens. But given the life span of the product it actually does make sense when you compare it with timber. Timber starts to deteriorate as soon as the tree is felled, it takes energy to transport it from the forest to the mill and for the manufacturing process. Then it has to be treated with chemicals over the lifetime of the fence to maintain it in good condition. Overall, aluminium fencing has a lot to offer.

Cost – while an aluminium fence may be a little more expensive up front, over the life of the product, it actually represents very good value for money. Let’s do the maths…

  • Timber is cheaper, but installation is more expensive 
  • Timber requires ongoing, regular maintenance to preserve it and the cost of sanding, painting or treating with wood preservative every year or so add up fast
  • If you’re unlucky enough to get termites, you can practically kiss goodbye to your fence
  • Timber fencing is more susceptible to wind damage

Once the installation is complete, aluminium fencing and gates will stay looking as good as the day they were fitted for years to come. Talk to one of our friendly team in our metal fabrication workshop about our aluminium fencing solutions on 08 6201 6475.