Glass Boundaries
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Glass balustrades, clearly the right choice

There are many benefits to installing glass balustrades into your new home or renovation.  Clear glass panels are so visually appealing because they let in the view, and when compared to traditional metal railings or wooden barriers, glass offers the ultimate in practical, contemporary and ultra safe barriers for balconies or staircases. 


Safety first

At first glance you may wonder if glass is really safe, especially if you have young children or pets.  The answer is an unequivocal yes!  Our glass panels are fabricated from durable toughened glass which is fully tested and compliant, making them incredibly safe. 


Because our frameless glass panels have no rails or gaps, they have no natural footholds, making it almost impossible for little people or pets to climb over a glass balustrade unassisted.  Our glass screen panels are extremely durable making them an ideal choice for exterior applications where they are exposed to years of harsh weather conditions.


Enjoy the view

Architects, designers and home owners all agree you can’t go past frameless glass balustrades for decks or balconies.  Glass panels let in the light and allow you to maximise your views without the obstruction of traditional railings.  Whether you’re overlooking a garden or pool or looking out to the horizon, or enjoying a view of the beach, any view looks better through crystal clear glass.


Interior design 101

Make interior spaces feel larger and lighter with bespoke glass balustrades for staircases and landings. Because you have an unimpeded view through glass balustrades, light floods into shadowy interiors.  Using glass panels along landings and walkways opens up the space because there is no visual barrier to distract the eye.   Even in areas with no natural light, combining glass panels with low sheen paintwork and intelligent lighting creates an illusion of space which makes the home feel bright and welcoming.


Enjoy your balcony or deck all year round

Any balcony above ground level will be affected by wind. Depending on the orientation of the building and where your balcony is located, in Perth you’re almost certain to encounter the sea breeze, a howling easterly or an occasional buffeting from a winter storm.  A glass balustrade offers significantly more protection than railings from prevailing winds, meaning you get to spend more time enjoying your private space.  Frameless glass panels create a sheltered environment where flowers, herbs even some vegetables, can be grown successfully.  Remember to keep plants and pots well away from the glass panels so they do not become a safety hazard.


Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance

Glass panels are easy to keep clean and looking as good as the day they were installed if you follow a few tips.  Clean your glass balustrade regularly to avoid any build-up of grime, fingerprints and general stains.  We recommend using soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent, rinse well with clear water and air dry.  Use a microfiber cloth to polish if necessary.  Never use anything abrasive on glass. 


If you’re sold on the concept of glass balustrades to complete the interior or exterior of your home, call us on 08 6201 6475 and let us help you pick a product to perfectly compliment your home.