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Glass Pool Fencing, delivering safety, security and style

Glass Pool Fencing, delivering safety, security and style

If you have decided to invest in a swimming pool for your family to enjoy during the long hot summer months, chances are you’ve received lots of advice about the types and styles of pool fencing.  Let’s unpick the options and work out a solution that will keep your family safe and add value to your investment.  There are three main reasons why glass pool fencing is a sound decision, these are safety, security and style.


Glass balustrades or glass pool fencing panels are almost impossible for a child to climb because they have no obvious footholds.   The alarming video of a toddler scaling a tubular style pool fence in just a few seconds demonstrates just how vigilant parents have to be.  To prevent accidents, it’s vital to ensure that there is no furniture, plants, plant pots or toys are left in the area for children to use as a climbing aid to get into the pool area unsupervised.  Additionally, gates should always open outwards and be fitted with a latch which complies with State government regulations.


Sadly, we all have to be security conscious these days, clear glass pool screens offer an unobscured line of sight between you and the pool area and that is a huge plus for safety and security.  Pool areas often house expensive equipment which can be attractive to opportunist thieves.  Installing a light with a motion sensor will alert you to any unwanted visitors at night, and glass pool fencing panels mean there’s nowhere to hide. Having a clear view of the area from the house means you can see what is going on and take action immediately.


The design aesthetics of your pool add style, elegance and value to your property.  The simplicity of frameless glass pool fencing compliments the design by simply merging into the background and becoming almost invisible. With no obvious obstruction, a glass pool fence provides an effective barrier without detracting from the garden design allowing the pool or spa area to integrate seamlessly into the landscaping.

Service and upkeep

Glass pool panels are low maintenance and properly looked after will provide years of effective service.  Looking after your glass pool fence couldn’t be easier if you establish a regular cleaning routine and stick to it. In Perth’s hot, dry and often windy climate, any build-up of salt, dust and grime can be managed with regular scheduled cleaning. 

Our guarantee

We don’t take shortcuts...  we employ only experienced professionals who take pride in every job they do.  This ensures every aspect of your pool fence is fitted properly, to our own exacting standards. We pride ourselves on delivering good old fashioned service backed by a decade of industry experience.   We’re local too, proudly WA owned and operated, we are only a phone call away.  For prompt and efficient service by courteous and friendly staff give us a call on 08 6201 6475.