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How to keep a Glass Pool Fence Clean

Would you love to have to have a glass pool fence or balustrade but the thought of cleaning it horrifies you? This blog will explain how to keep your fence looking as good as the day it was installed.

Perth’s water supply has some of the highest amounts of calcium bicarbonate and reactive silica in the country. These contaminants are not harmful to us, but in some instances can permanently damage glass within a matter a weeks! This process is also known as glass corrosion or glass cancer. This can also be made worse by our salt and sand laiden winds; a real recipe for week ends spend scrubbing glass. The best and most effective way to prevent damage to your fence or balustrade is to seal it with a glass protection system. these are a chemical coating using nanotechnology to repel water and oil away from the glass surface. There are many on the market and as with most things some are better than others.

The product we recommend to all our customers is Nanokote WA. Having tried and tested others on the market we have found the product to be the most durable and their service the most punctual and professional ( Who wants to wait in for a tradie that says they will be there between 9am and 5 pm uh uh!) All professionally applied Nanokote applications are issued with a 10 year warranty plus all the cleaning do’s and don’ts. Here are some of their recommendations for cleaning glass fences;
High maintenance fences

1. Use a Nanokote specified cleaner and water to remove build up from affected areas.

2. Wash fence down with water and go over areas with a sponge/microfiber cloth.

3. Wash off any excess cleaner.

4. Squeegee remaining water off the surface.
Low maintenance fences

1. Wash fence down with a mild detergent/acidic based cleaner and/or water and go over surface with a sponge/microfiber cloth.

2. Wash off any excess cleaner.

3. Squeegee remaining water off the surface.

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