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Important Differences to Consider in Frameless Pool Fencing Products

At Glass Boundaries we pride ourselves in giving our clients the strongest, safest, most durable and beautiful frameless glass pool fencing on the market in Perth. But how do you tell the difference?

All frameless Glass fences look the same right? Wrong!

Many fencing companies are using friction spigots to secure their glass. What’s a frictions spigot you ask? A friction spigots is a glass clamp core drilled and secured in to a footing or bolted down just like all other spigot, the biggest difference is that the spigots holds the glass into place by friction, its squeezes the glass into place.

Over time these spigots can work loose with constant wind battering and people leaning on them leaving a disaster waiting to happen. Some frameless panels can weigh up to 90 kilos, just imagine if that fell on you or worse a child! Loose panels can also make gates not close properly leaving your pool or spa unsecured, another disaster! So what sort of spigot should you look for?

At Glass Boundaries we only use spigots that bolt through the glass itself, there are two 10mm bolts per spigots securing the glass firmly in place. Not only are our spigots bolted to the glass we also where ever possible bolt all our gate fittings through the glass for added security, friction fitted latches and hinges have a nasty habit of falling off leaving an unsecured barrier.

What Grade of Stainless steel should you choose?

Again there is a difference in the quality of the stainless steel used by different fencing companies. Everyone has heard of 316 stainless steel, often referred to as marine grade and most people don’t think there is anything better.

Well there is; it’s called Duplex 2205. All Glass Boundaries spigots are Duplex 2205 which is 50% stronger and more durable than 316 giving you extra piece of mind for the longevity of you pool barrier or balustrade. We also use Duplex for our stand-off pins and side fix spigots. There is an easy way to tell if you’re being given 2205 over 316, a magnet will stick to Duplex but not to 316.

For the best quality Frameless Glass Fencing insist on the following;

• Bolt through glass spigots

• Duplex 2205 grade stainless steel

• Ask to see engineered reports for the spigots

• Ask for compliancy certificates for the glass its self!

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