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No one wants to feel as if they’re living in a fish bowl

Whether you live in an inner-city home or a modern housing development in the suburbs, the reality is smaller blocks and higher density housing has become the new normal. Creating privacy while maintaining an illusion of space can be tricky. Thankfully, new, good quality products are coming into the market, which makes turning your back yard into a beautiful private space easier than you think.


Screening for privacy


High density living can leave you with neighbours who have a direct line of sight to your deck, balcony or back yard. Of course, you can plant fast growing shrubs, bamboo or trees directly into the ground or into large pots, but using plants often means high maintenance in the longer term. Instead, why not consider using customised aluminium screens to decorate your outdoor areas? Our custom made screens are manufactured here in Perth and are available in a variety of sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm, all crafted from 3mm thick aluminium. They’re a versatile and practical way to screen your home from the street or your neighbours, offering an elegant and affordable solution.


Screening for practicality


A balcony or deck on a multi storey building offers home owners a welcome alfresco area to enjoy a little bit of outdoor living. Cleverly placed screens can provide shade and privacy without restricting air flow. Screening allows you to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas.  This natural extension to your living space can make even a small apartment feel much more spacious.


Incorporating screening into interior design


A large open plan room can appear a little cavernous. A simple and cost effective solution is to create a visual barrier with a screen. Whether you want to simply break up the space or create a cosy nook, screening offers a variety of options. Consider constructing the screen within a box frame to achieve a three-dimensional look. Simply back light the screen to create a tranquil and comfortable place to relax and unwind.


Incorporating screening into landscaping


The best gardens and outdoor areas are achieved by establishing room like spaces for different purposes. Screens are a great way to divide up a large garden into functional areas, add LED lighting to transform the space at night. Similarly, in smaller courtyards screening allows you to add texture and visual appeal by incorporating screens into stone or brick fencing. For something a little different, we can fabricate a screen into a gate. You gain on style while losing nothing in security.   


Add interest to long dividing walls or fencing by installing feature panels or angle screens to create shade. Screens are an attractive way to extend existing fences for extra privacy - but remember to check that your plans conform to local planning regulations first.


The Glass Boundary range of customised aluminium screening products can be integrated with our glass balustrades and pool fencing. Call us on 08 6201 6475, it’s never been simpler to add style, security and privacy to your home.