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Preparing your pool for summer

Preparing your pool for summer

Summer holidays are just around the corner and Perth is already experiencing hot sunny weather, which means it’s time to dust off the pool cover and prepare your pool for summer.  Here are some ideas to get your pool in tip top condition so that you and your family can safely enjoy it in the months ahead.

Water levels and chemistry

Time to wake the pool from its winter hibernation.  Adjust water levels and scoop out as much leaf litter and winter debris as you can.  Test and balance the water chemistry to ensure pH levels are correct and adjust chemicals.  Depending on how vigilant you’ve been with winter maintenance, you may need to administer a heavy dose of chlorine. If the water is cloudy, consider using a flocculent, algaecide and stabiliser.

Check the pool pump and equipment

Carry out maintenance checks on the pump and filter before you run it. Check hoses for leaks and conduct a safety check on the area when the equipment is housed.  Check the skimmer basket is clear and backwash or flush the system before you start vacuuming. Don’t forget the lights, check regularly for moisture or exposed or damaged wiring.

Set a service schedule

Having a sparking pool all summer depends on the pool pump and equipment working properly.  Consider getting a professional to service the equipment in Spring and follow up with monthly pool checks – alternatively, prepare a schedule for yourself.

Safety check the pool surrounds

Safety is always a number one priority.  Before the pool is used make sure there are no uneven pavers which pose a tripping hazard.  Check ladders, steps and fences for any signs of wear and ensure self closing gate mechanisms are working.  Make sure there is nothing near the fence that children could use to climb over the fence. Consider enrolling for a pool safety course and install a safety sign which provides emergency first aid instructions and CPR and guidelines. Check with state/territory authorities for specific water safety legislations.

Pamper your glass pool panels

Glass pool fence panels are low maintenance not, no maintenance, so give your glass panels a pre-season clean.  Grab a microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water and wash down both sides of the panels.  Rinse off the bubbles with a low-pressure garden hose.  Use the window cleaning blade on your squeegee to remove any excess water or allow to air dry for shiny streak free glass. Schedule regular cleaning regime to avoid a build up of salt, dust and grime.

When it’s time to upgrade your pool fencing The simple elegance of glass makes it a stylish and sophisticated option if you’re considering updating or replacing an old fence. Frameless glass panels can blend into the background or become a strong design accent or feature.  Because glass pool fencing has no natural footholds it’s much harder for children to climb over and get into the pool area unsupervised.  Talk to one of our friendly team about our attractive glass pool fencing solutions on 08 6201 6475.