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The Beautiful Alternative to Tubular Steel Pool Fences

Years ago, compulsory pool barriers were introduced. The reason behind it is to provide enhanced security–specifically, to aid in preventing or in minimizing the cases of drowning in small children. This is where ‘steel tubular’ pool fencing stepped in.

However, many homeowners believe that such fencing creates a problem, since it affects the style of the whole pool area. In particular, it makes the pool area look smaller than before and hide an often stunning pool.

To resolve such problem, people are now choosing a great alternative to ‘steel tubular’ fencing.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Having such a kind of barrier, according to those who have already considered this alternative, certainly adds elegant style to the home’s pool area. When compared to other types of pool fencing that exist today, this frameless glass pool fencing is way more sophisticated. In other words, it looks much better than the others.

However, homeowners need to adhere with particular standards that list down the requirements to be complied. The requirements include the following:

  • Compliance with the ‘Australian Standard’ AS2208 – ‘Safety Glazing’ Materials in Buildings (for the glass);
  • Compliance with the ‘Australian Standard’ AS1926.1 1993 – Swimming Pool Safety (for the pool ‘fence’ and pool gates; and
  • Compliance with a particular ordinance of the local council to call them first before hiring a fencing contractor.

Such compliance with the standard procedures gives additional assurance to homeowners that, yes, the glass pool fencing in Perth is very safe for homeowners.

Thus, if you are currently considering having a pool in your backyard, or if you already have a pool but you are thinking of putting a fence for security purposes, then choosing the frameless glass pool fencing in Perth is a wise idea.

With this alternative, you will not only have a stylistic and sophisticated pool in your backyard; the value of your home, as a whole, will also be increased. Using toughened safety glass manufactured to strict Australian 2208 Standards, our pool fencing solutions define durability and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

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