Glass Boundaries
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The Future of Pool Fencing is Clear

Having an effective pool fence is essential. A fence which meets prescribed safety standards, is the only way to keep children and pets away from the pool and potential danger when you’re not on hand to supervise.

Aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted, the simplicity of glass pool fencing is appealing on so many levels. The solution is clear… there simply is no better way to enjoy your pool while keeping your family safe. 

We’re great advocates for glass pool barriers. Here’s our favourite reasons for choosing beautiful transparent glass for your pool fence.

Security – because glass has no natural footholds, it is almost impossible for little people to climb over a glass pool fence unassisted. Ensure there are no toys, planters or garden furniture left close to the fence and your pool area so your little mountaineers will be safe and secure. Apart from keeping children safe and sound, all glass pool fences are anchored onto a wide concrete base which prevents pets that like to dig from getting through to the other side.

Visibility – we often don’t worry about what we can’t see. A glass pool barrier provides full visibility. Because nothing obscures your line of sight, the home owner can easily check that no one is in the pool area who shouldn’t be there.  

Connection - glass fences merge into the background becoming almost invisible. Since there is no apparent divide, the pool or spa area becomes part of the landscaping. It provides an effective barrier that doesn’t detract from the view and compliments the design of the home

Safety – glass panels offer a practical and contemporary pool fence. Glass is durable, low maintenance and because only toughened glass is approved for our fencing, it’s incredibly safe. 

Exclusion – we can install hydraulic self-closing safety gates. The mechanism ensures the gate can never be kept open by the wind and can’t be left open by mistake.  

Long lasting - all our gates and glass fitting are made of top quality hard and durable stainless steel. Our frameless and semi frameless pool fences can withstand even the harshest weather conditions that Perth and WA has to offer, they will stay looking good for longer.

Low maintenance – low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance but looking after your glass pool fence couldn’t be easier with a regular routine. Stop the build-up of salt, dust and grime with regular scheduled cleaning

Easy cleaning - simply grab a microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm mild soapy water and wash down both sides of the glass pool fence. Rinse off the bubbles with a low-pressure garden hose and use the window cleaning blade on your squeegee to remove any excess water for shiny streak free glass.

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