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The power of partnering with the right people

The power of partnering with the right people More often than not, people who are building a new home or undertaking major renovations are looking for an Architect, Builder or Interior Designer who can offer them something a little different from the run of the mill. This is why the smart professionals and savvy home builders are forming strategic partnerships with trusted trades so they can access more choice for their clients or themselves. In a highly competitive business environment, it makes sense to partner with others who compliment your brand. The most successful collaborations are with people who are experienced, at the top of their game, and as equally committed as you are to delivering excellence in customer service and a quality product.

Why partner with a metal fabrication company?

Metal Fabricators may not be the first trade that springs to mind when you're thinking of collaborating with a local service provider. Yet incorporating customised metal fabrication in the form of creative privacy screening, balustrades, fencing and gates into the building's original design, not only adds another dimension when the project is complete, it allows the client to integrate something of themselves into the design of their new home.

Choose a professional

The guy at the end of the street who does a bit of metal fabrication on the side and works out of his garage may knock up some interesting work. The question you must ask is “can this person be able to scale up for larger projects while maintaining quality control and still meet tight time constraints?” The answer is probably a resounding no. Choosing to collaborate with a company with a great track record, who employ a trained and experienced workforce, have industrial premises that meet OH&S standards and use state of the art equipment is a better option. Plus their professionalism reinforces your reputation.

Partner with the best

Sheet metal fabrication is technical work that requires skilled operators, who are experienced, can read technical specifications and work to tight tolerances while maintaining high standards. To produce something extraordinary you need both technical know-how and state of the art technology. You also need a team who can confidently take you through every step of the process from inception to installation.

Why partner with us?

Because we value craftsmanship and quality - to meet the high standards we set ourselves, we've invested in a top of the range CNC plasma cutting bench which allows us to create customised aluminium or stainless steel privacy screens, specialised fencing, infill panels or gates that really make a statement. This technology frees the imagination, allowing us to fabricate customised panels from our own blueprints or your own design. Our screens come in a variety of sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm from 3mm thick aluminium as well as an exciting range of designs which can be powder coated to suit almost every colour palette.

Based in Wangara in Perth's northern suburbs, servicing the greater Perth metropolitan area and most regional centres, we offer a full suite of services including design, fabrication and installation. All work is undertaken by our qualified and skilled in-house team. We pride ourselves on the creativity of our designs and the quality of the workmanship that goes into each and every project. Our role is to provide solutions to the challenges of tight spaces, unusual angles, curves and complex design. If you are interested in partnering with professionals who put the client first, please get in touch.