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Things to Consider Before Installing a Glass Balustrade in your Home

Enhance your home with the beauty of glass balustrades

The simple elegance of glass makes it a stylish and sophisticated material to work with. Especially if you’re designing or planning interior or exterior décor for your home. Interior designers, architects and home owners love glass because it can blend into the background or become a strong design accent or statement. 


Make your staircase a feature

The stair case is the connection between the different levels of your home. Although it’s a functional thoroughfare, it can also become a spectacular feature. By combining style and function, you can make a statement that becomes an elegant solution. 

Aesthetically pleasing, glass balustrades are also practical. They allow natural light to flood the area, which is particularly important on stairs. If your taste leans towards contemporary design, a glass balustrade could transform your staircase from mundane to extraordinary. 


Turn your balcony into a focal point

When summer’s here, Perth home owners enjoy outdoor living and balconies come into their own. Unless you have a huge space, it’s easy to feel hemmed in by brick walls or iron fencing. 

The solution is either a frameless or semi frameless glass balustrade. The transparency of glass will open up the views while maintaining a high level and visual appeal and safety.

Our glass balustrades are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with the necessary building regulations. A beautiful glass balustrade will define your style and add a little pizzazz to your home.


Make your pool picture perfect

A swimming pool or spa is a lovely addition to any home. But let’s face it, old fashioned pool fences do nothing to improve the aesthetic of your garden. With a glass safety barrier around your pool or spa you can have the best of both worlds. 

Customers love the seamless construction because it does nothing to detract from the beauty of the pool. Our glass pool fences meet the exacting safety standards required by government with the added bonus of unrestricted views of the pool area. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, glass balustrades add visual elegance and value to your home. 


The solution is clear

At Glass Boundaries, we believe balustrading should look good and keep you safe. Which is why we only use top quality materials which have been manufactured to meet Australian building codes and standards. 

We don’t take shortcuts. Our installers are experienced professionals who are committed to delivering a top-quality job. They take pride in every installation, taking the time to make sure everything is fitted correctly and efficiently, to our own exacting standards.     

We’re local, WA owned and operated. We pride ourselves on delivering good old fashioned service backed by over 10 years of industry experience. We take great care only to source products that can cope with Perth’s unique climate.

Talk to us about how we can assist you to select the perfect finish for your home.