Nothing can beat the understated elegance of a frameless glass safety barrier around your pool or spa. The seamless construction ensures nothing detracts from the beauty of your pool and garden while the added bonus on unrestricted views of the pool area. 

In addition to their sophisticated look, glass barriers have no footholds, making it harder for children to climb over the fence and put themselves in danger. Our frameless pool fences come equipped with safety gates which are installed with a self-closing hydraulic mechanism so that they can’t blow open or be left open by mistake. Customers tell us that the best thing about our frameless glass fencing is the lack of visual barriers and the uninterrupted view of the pool or spa area.

At a glance, frameless glass pool fencing features:

  • 12mm toughened safety glass.
  • Square or round Duplex 2205 stainless steel spigots.
  • Gate fittings made from high quality polished 316 stainless steel.
  • 12mm thick, self closing hydraulic gates.

Designed to cope with the of extremes of Perth’s climate, frameless glass pool safety barriers are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution. The require minimal maintenance and are perfectly suited to homes with a small outdoors footprint.  Because the screens merge into the background there is no visual barrier which creates the illusion of extra space.

Talk to us about safe, stylish yet practical pool and spa fencing solutions for your home.

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