Pool Safety & Regulations

Backyard swimming pools are a dominant theme of Perth summers and are a fundamental aspect of Western Australian culture. However, owning a pool is a big responsibility and pool owners have a duty of care to maintain their pool area and safety fencing, ensuring it is in full working order and meets government regulations.

Fence Facts

  • The leading cause of injury-related death for children aged between 1 and 14 is drowning.
  • Non-fatal downing often causes brain damage, which could translate to learning disabilities or loss of basic functioning.
  • In-home swimming pools are the most common location for child drowning incidents to occur. In 2014/2015 over half the incidents involving toddler drowning happened at home.
  • Evidence shows that a large number of fatal pool accidents are a result of faulty or inadequate fencing.

Fence Regulations

In 2013, the Government of Western Australia amended the Building Regulations to adopt the BCA requirements for swimming pool safety barriers. These laws mandate the installation of safety fencing to enclose private swimming pools and spas. It is now law that before a private swimming pool can be installed or altered, a building permit must be obtained. This also applies to the alteration of windows, doors or gates that restrict or grant access to the swimming area. The local government is responsible for granting permits, ensuring that barriers have proven to meet standards and that the pool is registered for periodic inspections.

Fence Checks

It’s not only important to ensure that your private pool has safety fencing installed, but that these fences are frequently examined to certify they’re of good working order and meet government standards. Pool owners that do not keep a well maintained pool fence, may face substantial fines for failing to meet their legal obligation of keeping a secure safety barrier at all times.

Unsure if your pool area complies with Western Australian regulations? Visit the Department of Commerce website and read the most recent publication (last updated May 2016) for WA rules for pools and spas.

Fence Experts

At Glass Boundaries, we’re experts at all matters pools and fencing and have been contributing to the safety of Perth homes for over 10 Years. Every member of the Glass Boundaries team is trained to work in compliance with the current Western Australian legislation regarding private swimming pool construction and maintenance, and are well versed in their legal requirements. Choosing Glass Boundaries for your pool fencing means having experts on hand to answer any questions you may have about government pool requirements and to assist in the planning and design of a regulation friendly pool area.

Fence Appeal

Who said pool fencing couldn’t be stylish?

Just because pool safety fencing is required by law, doesn’t mean that it can’t add to the aesthetics of your home. In fact, a well designed pool fence can not only be beneficial in preventing water related accidents, but it can actually contribute to the overall finesse and style of an outdoor area.

Don’t believe us? Click here to view our recent pool fencing projects and let the images speak for themselves. A masterfully designed and constructed glass pool fence can emphasize the beauty of any garden and transform an outdoor area into an inviting alfresco, that boasts entertainment and encourages recreation.

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Ready to build the backyard and swimming pool of your dreams? Or perhaps you’re just looking to renovate the existing area and give your pool a makeover. Either way, Glass Boundaries can help! Contact us today and speak to one of our pool fencing experts, we’re always happy to discuss design ideas and advise on whether they meet government standard.